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Leonardo, the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in blue, is now a high school student with dreams of transforming his brothers into a formidable crime-fighting team.

With the guidance of their wise rat-dad Splinter, the Turtles are destined to be unbeatable! This exclusive edition of TMNT Movie Basic Figure celebrates Leonardo's journey from sewer to superhero.

Donatello, the brainy Turtle who moonlights as a game developer and K-Pop star, joins the team as they venture into the city. Michelangelo, the funny one with dreams of being a stand-up comedian, will stop at nothing to make audiences laugh.

Raphael, with his big attitude and dreams of becoming a mixed martial arts fighter, proves that there is strength in teamwork. And let's not forget Splinter, the sensei and father figure who trains the Turtles and keeps them safe.

TMNT: Leonardo - Basic Figure

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