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IT (2017) - It: Pennywise 3.94” Vinyl Figure

Horror fans rejoice!  The Horror genre in cimema is well represented, and the thirst for more thrills, chills and scares is stronger than ever. Thankfully, Enesco has answered the call and has released a new range of vinyl figures to satiate the masses!

Pennywise from the Stephen King novel IT, is an ancient being that can never really be destroyed.  It preys on the fears of the children of Derry roughly every 27 years and brings to life the nightmares of its victims before it kills them.  The IT (2017) - It: Pennywise Vinyl figure is hand painted, measures 3.94" tall and depicts Pennywise with his sharp teeth exposed and his signature red balloons in hand.

The perfect gift for any horror fan, grab this creepy vinyl figure before he goes back in to hibernation.

IT (2017) - It: Pennywise 3.94” Vinyl Figure

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