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Kids can choose their favourite Mario Kart characters and speed off for racing and stunting madness with a Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die-cast vehicle with a glider attachment just like in the video games!

Power up their imagination when they select their favourite player among the fan-favorite iconic Mario Kart characters. Simply detach the glider attachment to make the vehicle work on Hot Wheels track for the hands-on thrill of Hot Wheels performance and the challenge of in-game Mario Kart action.

Ages: 3 +


  • Hot Wheels partners with fan-favourite Mario Kart for die-cast character karts with gliders in 1:64 scale!
  • Each vehicle features a different Mario Kart character with unique kart and glider combinations -- look for fan favourites like Mario and Yoshi!
  • Vehicles without gliders attached are designed to work with Hot Wheels track, the replica karts inspire kids to race, stunt and drive adventure!
  • Kids ages 3 years old and up will love recreating their favourite scenarios from the video game sensation!

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Luigi P-Wing Cloud Glider

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