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Sun-Man is featured in blue chest armour with a faint bolt engraved in the plate, blue gauntlets with orange accents, and pants with blue trimmings and a gold diamond at its center. His powerful attacks and swift movements are no match for the Snake Men! With 16 points of articulation, this figure also includes:

Two (2) blue bolt weapons


Fans of Masters of the Universe will be thrilled to see this line of 5.5” Scale Origins Action Figures! As good versus evil battle it out and uncover the secrets lurking within the walls of Castle Grayskull, these figures are perfect for posing display or general play! Team them up and reenact your favourite scene or reimagine your own tale. These figures will do anything to fight for what they believe in!

Why wait any longer? Order Sun-Man: Rulers of the Sun - Bolt Man Origins 5.5” Action Figure online today!

Bolt Man Origins 5.5” Action Figure

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