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Bring Bluey and her family into your own home with these adorable figure packs. These packs come with fun accessories to dress up the characters and are themed around different Bluey episodes.

With the Work Bandit (Dad) & Bingo Theme Pack,

it's a day of excitement and adventure when Bingo goes to work with her Dad Bandit. Wearing their security tags, Bingo is about to find out what Dad does at his workplace.

Children will love recreating Bluey's adventures from the Bluey TV show or creating new ones of their own with these fun-filled toys


  • Discover the world of Bluey with the playsets and accessories and make your own Bluey Adventures.
  • Bandit is dressed for work in his tie and can carry his workbag in his hand.
  • Bandit and Bingo are both dressed wearing I.D. Tags
  • Also look for Bluey's family and friends.
  • Both Bandit (Dad) and Bingo figures are poseable.
  • For Ages 3+

Bluey 2 Pack - Work Bandit & Bingo

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